Mould manufacturing development

Our mould team possesses abilities in design, R&D and modification; moreover, we constantly improve the abilities of manufacturing and design in order to challenge the various product ranges and rapidly changing Product Life Cycle. In addition, we continuously introduce high precision machinery, such as EDM (Electricity Discharging Machine), milling machines, surface grinding machines, lathes and cantilever type drilling machines.

Production Management

The production follows a program schedule that controls raw materials, finished products and even secondary production and outsourcing. Furthermore, we utilize the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system efficiently to process programs such as purchase orders, stock, production management, purchasing, quality management, human resources, finance and accounting.

Step 1

Production Process Ability

We respond to customers demands swiftly and accurately by adhering to the principles of high efficiency, high mobility and high quality, along with consistency in production processes.

Quality Management

The quality team includes quality controllers, moulding engineers and front-line operators. Quality is strictly monitored at different stages from product development, production to finished product. Moreover, we regularly inspect the production of our cooperative factories, which comply with RoHS standards in terms of materials, manufacturing (involving pre-production, production, and post-production) and finished products both before and after packaging.In terms of quality management, quality control is enhanced through examining prototype of production process (based on customers¡¯ specifications), and staff training courses for everyone at every stage. We expect to provide the product quality which meets the customer's expectations and demands.



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