Turret Punch

  • The CNC turret punch adopts mechanical driving system and Germany hydraulic driving system. It used for forming and cutting a sheet metal workpiece as a designed shape. The table controlled by the CNC(computer numerical moves the workpiece in a high speed. As a result of digitally servo controlled ram, stroke speed and position are fully and individually adjustable in both directions. Other benefits include the availability of different punching modes(punch, slow punch, forming, marking).
  • The CNC turret punch gives productivity for the components having many perforations or requiring many punches. It is able to punch 4mm in carbon steel and has vast tooling potential for the increased versatility. This means ability to produce variety of components without re-tooling.

Cutting Machine

  • With our dedicated team of laser cutting professionals and advanced cutting equipments, we provide high quality industrial manufacturing service. Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials. Our laser cutting machine works by directing output of a high power laser, by computer, at the material to be cut.
  • The high speed laser cutting machine works on 16mm carbon steel and 6mm stainless steel with 60 m/min rapid speed.


  • The power press machines is used to changing metal products shape and internal structure. There different strengths (30-5T, 63T, 100T, 160T and 250T) of presses are provided for various applications likes forming, deep drawing, bailing etc. And they using hydraulic oil or water as working fluid are offered with high pressing speed.
  • The presses reform the work piece into a three dimensional objections – not only changing its visible shape but also the internal structure of the material. Bending is a typical operation performed and occurs by a machine pressing, or applying direct pressure, to the material and forcing it to change shape.


  • The CNC hydraulic press brake uses the customized CNC system to control the operation precisely. It can stamp the hole by different shape and dimension automatically with precise hole.
  • Mechanical synchronous mechanism and the complex compensation are designed so as to raise the work pieces precision. The stroke and distance of the back gauge is adjusted by the motor and is well adjusted by hand, the adjustment is displayed by digital meters, inch, single, continuous operation made being designed for the machine and reversing and maintain time can be controlled by the time relays.
  • The press brake is highly productive, accurate, and economical, and it works with 4000mm length and 6.35mm thickness maximum.


  • With raising the quality of our product, we improve our welding technology and imported a welding robot. The Panasonic TAWERS series introduced Embedded Arc Control technology. This design combines the control systems and fuses for the robot, welder, and wire feeder. This single control is located and monitored inside the robot controller. The robot reaches 1374 mm and 6kg payload.
  • The welding robot offers a high level of efficientcy and integrated control. TAWERS features Embedded Arc Control which fuses the robot, welding EOAT, and wire feeder in one control unit. Software controlled arc welding allows this robot to performs in a calculated, effective manner, SP-MAG controls, for example, minimize spatter and weld cleanup. Feedback controls keep production moving and every aspect of the process in line.



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